Dr Henry Zou

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Douglas Lash

Managing Director
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Sydney Wang

Senior Consultant
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Nellie Wang

Senior Consultant
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Why choose our Immigration Service

Quick, Accurate Consulation

Experiences in all Programs and Categories from 1991

Through and logical analysis on the applicant and family

Professional and detailed presentation

Well-established service network

Trust-worthy extended service network provided by well known partners 


Focus on Canadian immigration from 1992

Professional immigration consulting firm with 26 years’ history and

Branch offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Saskatoon, Fredericton;

Full Immigration service cycle helping clients from initial planning, document and forms preparation and review, to application and interview training, and also family settlement and career development services;

Supporting NPO, NGO and educational institutions, established HG titled scholarship with Canadian University,

Over 20,000 client families settled in all major cities in Canada;

Over 5,000 Student visa application approved;

More than 5,000 work permit approved;

 Many previous clients running business and creating jobs,

Many Clients work hard and enjoying life in Canada,

and all of us, including our clients, welcome you and your family to become part of the multicultural community in Canada,

and let’s work together to make Canada more colorful and beautiful!


Henry Global Advantages:

Immigration application is a systematic project, and the Henry Group has thousands of successful cases and extremely rich experience. A timely and accurate grasp of the changes and development trends of immigration policies is the prerequisite.